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Our Story

Let's Sushi! was founded by Yasuhiro 'Yasu' Minowa in 2011. He was born and bred in Japan but now lives in Haslemere, Surrey.


If you ask Yasu what he misses most about Japan he will always answer the same way; 'other than my family & friends it has to be the food'. He spent hours as a youngster helping his Mum Reiko prepare wonderful Sushi platters for her large family of five children.  


Before Yasu started Let's Sushi! he had been making sushi for years for his family and his non-Japanese friends to try. Yasu has also been teaching sushi making at local schools & colleges, as well as various charity events. He is passionate about the healthy, tasty diet that sushi offers and wishes to enable those who share his view to be able to prepare sushi for themselves and their own families and friends. By coming to your home to share his knowledge & skills he hopes that you will feel relaxed and have fun.


We teach, You eat - Let's Sushi!

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Let's Sushi!

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